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Mr. Paul Langone has been based in Boston and has trained candidates for securities exams for more than two decades throughout the United States.

He has extensive knowledge of the securities industry and its practices. When this knowledge is combined with his ability to teach this subject matter, the results are exceptional. The courses are dynamic, rewarding and enjoyable. Candidates can always feel confident that they are receiving the very best training.
Mr. Langone's success rates on the Series 7 classroom training and Series 24 exam prep have been exceptional. Many candidates who failed these exams have turned to Mr. Langone for assistance. After taking his Series 7 exam prep and other securities exam prep courses, they quickly understand the difference between having a superficial knowledge of the material and having a solid understanding of the concepts. A superficial knowledge of the material will not result in a passing grade. A solid understanding of the concepts is necessary in order to pass the Series 7 or Series 24 Examinations. 

Mr. Langone knows the areas of emphasis for these exams. He covers them extensively and explains them carefully. Mr. Langone has a total commitment to help you, the candidate, pass the appropriate examination.
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