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The Series 7 and Series 24 Examinations are the most challenging and require comprehensive training to achieve a passing grade. Our Series 7 exam prep and Series 24 exam prep provide the necessary training for students to get their best possible grade on the exams. 

How are the Series 7 and Series 24 Exams different?

The Series 7 Exam extensively covers Product Knowledge. 
 Our Series 7 classroom training provides thorough education for these vital sections of the exam: 

  • Options
  • Municipal Bonds
  • Corporate and U.S. Government Bonds
  • Mutual Funds 
  • Variable Annuities
  • Direct Participation Programs
  • Economics 
  • Taxation of Securities
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Series 7 and Series 24 Exam Prep FAQ

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The Series 24 Exam does not contain product knowledge, since these subjects were tested on the Series 7 Exam. The Series 24 is designed to ensure that supervisory persons clearly understand the Rules and Regulations of the securities industry.

It is one of the most difficult examinations for candidates to achieve a successful outcome.

The Series 24 Exam covers topics such as: 

  • Investment Banking
  • Market Making 
  • Trading
  • Sales Supervision
  • Financial Responsibility Rules

A Dynamic Live Training Course can be invaluable to successfully passing the Series 7 and Series 24 Examinations.